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Angular JS Warm-Up

Angular JS is not just another javascript library but an client side javascript framework developed and maintained by Google. AngularJS brings in a revolution in the field of Single Page Application (SPAs) allowing to write a propered architectured, maintainable and testable client side code. It's ability to bring in the power of MVC framework in client side programning is one of the reason it's being popular these days. As we know good software design has High Cohesion(how well does that one thing stick to do just one thing) and Loose Coupling(least possible dependency of one component on another component)Angular JS offers MVC/MVVM paradigm to create components more flexible and loosely coupled Being an client side framework, Angular JS comprised of HTML, CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript. Angular JS was written in TypeScript because:

script with type is typescript and script without type is JavaScript 😂🤣#devQuotes — ashwin (@AshwinJung) October 22, 2017 Having said that let…
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Java Basics Overview

How Java is Different from others ??Unlike other programming language java is compiled and interpreted language. Java IDE acts as a compiler and JVM java virtual machine behave like an interpreter. i.e. when any program let say Hello saved after compiling is in extension and after compiling this file we get Hello.Class extension file is called as class-file, byte-code or intermediate code. Byte-code is not dependent for any specific machine so it is also called as intermediate code. To convert this byte-code into machine code or machine understandable format JVM is used which is different for different operating system. JVM is actually a kind of software used for interpreting purpose hence it is called virtual machine.

In Java Programming language, why every program is written inside class? As we Know Java is an Object Oriented programming language so every type of the problem is solved with the representation of the object. And as we also know that class is the template for a…

Unit Testing in java with JUnit Testing

Performing regression testing for each unit in the application is done by using JUnit testing framework in java. To know whether our created component of program are performing as expected or not, we can use JUnit testing framework.

For the sake of simplicity let's perform a JUnit testing (in my case  using Netbeans IDE)
for method which simply adds two integer and return the sum of two integers.

Using our Netbeans IDE we can create test files for each individual file, by clicking class name inside the package, hover to tools then select create/update tests.

After clicking create Update/Test options we are instructed to select the Testing framework, leave it as default and click ok.

After selecting appropriate version of JUnit framework file with classname appended with 'Test'  is created inside Test Packages which includes the method inside our class with test before the actual method name and uppercase for first letter of method name.  

Above program test the sum method…

Is java pass by value or pass by reference ??

After getting familiar with java programming fundamentals one with programming mind always thinks about 'is java pass by value or reference '. Throughout this blog we would be able to conclude that java is pass by value. Java is always pass by value, often confusion occurs when Object are passed into method as arguments.

Pass by value: Make a copy in memory of the actual parameter's value that is  passed in. For eg: suppose you hava file1.txt in local disk, let say 'D' drive, copying file1.txt into Desktop and changing it doesn't change the content inside the file1.txt of 'D' drive.
Pass by reference: pass a copy of the address of actual parameters. For eg: suppose you created a shortcut file for file1.txt in desktop then changing contents from shortcuts also changes file in 'D' drive.

Above program prints 9, from which means copy of value 9 is sent to the argument for test function due to which printing value of x in main method gives result 9…

Parsing xml file with JSOUP

Let say we have a xml formatted file as:

Here is a sample program to extract title and tag from above xml file using jsoup library in java.
Once importing  jsoup library  in our program, we can write program as:

public class JsoupParser { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { String question; String tag; File fileQuestion = new File("F:\\Data\\\\posts.xml"); Document docQuestion = Jsoup.parse(fileQuestion, "UTF-8"); Elements eachrowQuestion = docQuestion.getElementsByTag("row"); for (int i = 0; i < eachrowQuestion.size(); i++) { question= eachrowQuestion.get(i).attr("Title"); tag=eachrowQuestion.get(i).attr("Tags"); System.out.println(question+ "---->" + tag); } } }Now we can easily save the extracted question title and tag into another format of files like csv,tsv,txt…

Shahrukh khan At a Glance

Unbeaten king since twenty-two years: Shah Rukh Khan (“Naam toh suna hi hoga”)
Through this article i am not emphasizing over my favorite actor. He is the legend that every-one of you must know about him. Figuratively Shahrukh khan is an actor, film producer and TV personality while speaking literally these words aren’t enough that describes khan. After reading this article anyone can figure out why i am approaching him so deeply. Shah Rukh Khan, informally referred to as SRK, is an Indian film actor. Often referred to as “The King of Bollywood”, Khan has acted in over 65 Hindi films.  In 2005, the Government of India honored him with the Padma Shri for his contributions towards Indian Cinema which is regarded as a very honorable award in India. Glancing on his study, he had graduated with a bachelor degree in economics. He had started his career with TV serial named fauji (1988) in which khan had played a role of soldier which immensely win the heart of many peoples. Later on SRK debu…